Why Choose Us?

Hard work, experience, and diligence is the EMS way to ensure your project is successfully completed, all while providing high quality customer service. Here are the top 3 reasons why your business should choose EMS for your environmental, engineering and surveying needs:



Our Clients Come First

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on trust – the result of repeatedly providing quality service at a fair price. We also know that our success depends on repeat business. Our clients know that we will provide cost effective solutions to their problems based on sound practices reflecting their overall business goals. Consequently, we enjoy a high degree of client loyalty based on the quality of the services we provide.


We Are a Turnkey Provider of Engineering, Technical, and Contractor Services


We enjoy having our feet on the ground and getting our hands dirty. We have the proven expertise and experience to manage your project from initial site investigations, due diligence efforts, permitting, design, implementation and construction, through maintaining an environmental, health and safety management system for your facility.

Our complete range of services are maintained by a wide variety of equipment, capabilities, and expertise that make EMS stand out from the crowd and include licensed professionals, drilling rigs, earth movers, and remediation equipment. Whether you needs include site investigations, remedial services, surveying, or engineering support, EMS has the expertise and equipment to get the job done.



We Know the Southeast

We are not everywhere, but if your project is in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, or the surrounding areas, we have the professionals, the local knowledge, and the resources to respond with low cost local access to support your needs. Additionally, in many cases, we have the ability to manage and perform our services for key clients all across the country. View our locations.